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produce a new alloy designated INCONEL® alloy 725 (UNS N07725). Alloy 725 exhibits essentially the same chemical composition (Table 1) as alloy 625 except that the titanium content is increased to about 1.5% to enhance precipitation hardening. Thus, it exhibits the excellent corrosion resistance of alloy 625. In essence alloy 725 offers the excellent strength properties of Alloy 725 - Specialty Nickel Alloys from NeoNickelAbout Alloy 725. Alloy 725 was developed from Alloy 625 by adding strengthening elements to enhance its mechanical properties. The properties of Nickel alloy 725 are useful for a wide range of applications that require outstanding corrosion resistance along with high strength. The alloy is used in sour gas service where it resists the effects of hydrogen sulfide, chlorides and carbon dioxide.

Inconel 725 Screw, Inconel 725 ASTM B805 Screw

Strength of Alloy 725 Screws is developed by heat treatment rather than by cold work this also enables strength to be imparted to large non-uniform sections that cannot be strengthened by cold works. Also known as UNS N07725 Screws, these A725 is used for hangers, landing nipples and high strength fasteners in marine applications. Inconel 725 Stainless steel sheetThe following datasheet will discuss in detail about Inconel 725, which is age-hardenable and has high strength and corrosion resistance. Inconel 725 Stainless steel sheet Price in China ,Manufacturer of Inconel 725 Stainless Steel sheet Inconel 725 alloy is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy. [1] It has excellent corrosion resistance. Inconel 725 from China manufacturer - Taixin Steel Co Inconel 725 offered by China manufacturer Taixin Steel Co., Limited. Buy Inconel 725 directly with low price and high quality.

Inconel Alloy 725 Filler Metal in China

As a Chinese leading nickel alloy wires manufacturer, AEETHER produces and supplies high performance Inconel725 filler metal. UNS (Unified Number System) Cross Reference List - Unified *Inconel 725 N07725 Ni-Cr-B Brazing Filler Metal, BNi-2 203 EZ Almar, E-Brite AL Tech Specialty Steel Corp. 253MA 3RE60, 316UG, SAF 2205, SAF 2304, SX, SAF 2507, Sanicro 28 Sandvik Steel 254SMO 654SMO Avesta Sheffield 4565S Thyssen Stahl ACI Alloy Casting Institute AL 6X, AL UNS N07725,UNS No7725,UNS N07725 Forged Forging UNS N07725 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion and has been age hardened for extremely high strength twice that of annealed alloy 625. Alloy 725 strength is developed by heat treatment rather than by cold work this also enables strength to be imparted to large non-uniform sections that cannot be

Inconel 725-N07725-Alloy 725 NiWire Industries Co., Ltd.

General Description Inconel 725 (UNS N07725) is a nickel based alloy which is highly resistant to many aqueous environments and is age hardenable for extremely high strength. It has essentially the same corrosion resistance as Inconel 625, which is widely used