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Cast Carbon Steel Gate Valve - NCI - Class 300 - OS&Y

NCI Canadas carbon steel gate valves are suitable for a full range of applications. Class 300 carbon steel gate valve, rising stem, solid wedge, screwed-in bonnet, NPT or solder ends. CRN for all Canadian provinces and territories. Features Include: Class 300 pressure rated. Outside screw and yoke. Flexible wedge, fully guided. Cast Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Valves - AIV IncKITZ Cast carbon Steel Valves, RF-flanged*(1), Bolted Bonnet Design Valve ASME Design Standard Material Size 1 1 / 2in 22 1 / 2 34 5 6 8 1012 Type Class P-T Rating Wall Thickness Shell * (2) Trim* (3) Code 40 mm 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300

Cast Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Valves

flange gaskets of KITZ cast steel valves. Specify your gasket material in purchase order. For KITZ cast steel valves made of ASTM A216 WCB, the standard shell material, disc seats and body seat rings shall be provided as follows. (Refer to Page 3 for Product Coding) Gasket Material Corrugated metal with flexible graphite Ring joint metal Castings - 3-Piece Carbon Steel Socket Weld Ball Valve Weight. 200kg. SVR foundry can make carbon steel castings in all carbon steel alloys. Common used material grades of carbon steel castings in our company are AISI 1010, AISI 1020, AISI 1035, AISI 1045, AISI 1060, ect. Besides, we can also customize such carbon steel casting according to your material compositions. Gate,Globe & Check Valves Complete Solutions for Cast Carbon Steel Gate Valve Cast Carbon Steel Gate Valve API 600 Design, Bolted Bonnet, OS&Y, Screwed-in Back seat, Rising Stem, Non-rising Handwheel, Flexible Wedge Figure NO.:G3R,WCB/NO.8 G3B,WCB/NO.8 API 600 Design, Bolted Bonnet, OS&Y, Screwed-in Back seat, Rising Stem, Non-rising Handwheel, Flexible Wedge

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Basic Design:ASME B16.34 Sizes:1/2-24 Pressures:ANSI 150lb-2500lb Materials:Forged / Cast Carbon / Stainless Steel Ends:RF, RTJ, BW Valve Material Body Trim Carbon Stainless Alloy Steel

  • Major Categories of Common Valve MaterialsMaterials Used in Valve ConstructionCross Reference Charts & Valve Material References A990 is optionally superseded by A995. A890 is now only used for non pressure retaining parts CD3MN, CD4MCu, CD3MWCuN have been deleted from A351 and added to A995 and may be supplied in compliance with grades 4A, 1B and 5A respectively *No longer referenced in ASME B16.34-2009CAST CARBON STEEL CAST STAINLESS STEELSEAT RING The cast steel body is designed to insure a wall thickness which is greater at any point than the minimum specied by API Std. 600. Port and seat passage dimensions conform to ANI B 16.5 Pipe tting. The screw-in type seat ring is standard to allow interchangeability. The standard body-bonnet joint is male-female, and the ange is Valve Material Specifications (A216/351/352/105/182 Sep 20, 2017 · A cast valve body is manufactured by pouring liquid metals into molds and is common for valves above 2 inches in diameter. A forged valve body is produced by forging and machining solid steel. The key specifications for cast steel valves body materials are ASTM A216 (WCA, WCB, WCC), ASTM A352 LCB/LCC (low-temperature), and ASTM A351 CF8/CF8M. ASTM A105, A350 and A182 cover

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    (for the gasket, packing and seat) [Iron-based] Carbon steel and cast iron (An alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon) Carbon steel castings for high temperature / pressure service (SCPH2) Carbon steel is tough and has excellent hardness, tensile strength and impact value.Carbon Steel Casting Investment Casting Carbon SteelCarbon Steel Casting Alloys. Carbon steel is a steel alloy containing carbon as the main alloying element. Cast alloy steels have been developed to operate under conditions requiring greater pressures, wear resistances, and higher strength with increased toughness and hardenability.