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Essential Nonessential QW-404 .30 t X Filler Metal .32 t limits (S.C. Arc) X QW-404.30 describes how to determine the qualified weld thickness range Table QW-451 QW-404.32 limits the maximum weld thickness to 1.1t when qualifying short circuit GMAW on 1/2-in. thick material Thickness of Test Coupon (T) Maximum Weld Thickness (t) Qualified 1 ASME Sect. IX WPS & PQR Check List weldassistantASME Sect. IX WPS & PQR Check List weldassistant ©hsk-welding solutions 2018/2019 ! ! !Cannot replace the use of Section IX ! ! ! Page 1 of 2 QW-402 JOINTS SMAW GTAW

ASME Weld Number Tables P number base & F number filler

Filler Metals:The F Number. This number is used to group filler metals used in welding procedures and welder performance qualifications. The definition of F-Numbers is provided in QW-431 of ASME IX: Change electrode manufacture, vendor in welding WPS Nov 04, 2019 · In ASME IX (QW-404.12, supplementary essential variable), the trade name is considered only if the electrode is not covered by an SFA specification or if the designation has a G suffix within an SFA specification. Filler Metals - ESABESAB is a world leader in specialty alloys, with a portfolio including stainless steel, nickel and high-alloy filler metals, strip cladding electrodes and fluxes. ESAB offers an unmatched ability to meet your specialty alloy needs. Equipment & Accessories.

QW-253.1 Welding Variables Procedure Specifications (WPS

QW-402 Joints QW-403 Base Metals Finished t CorrosionResistant Overlay (CRO) (QW-214).16.20 PNumber PNumber.23 T Qualified T Qualified Finished t .6.12 QW-404 Filler Metals.24.27 ± or > 10% in supplemental filler metal ± or > 10% in supplemental filler metal Alloy elements ANumber.39 Nominal flux comp Re:[MW:28293] Conflict between ASME Section IX clause Sep 17, 2018 · 404.12 - 1) if impact is applicable ER70SG or ER90SG is a special designation. All " G" is a special filler or electrode we can't use different in WPS. we SFA-5.9/SFA-5.9M:Specification for Bare Stainless Steel May 11, 2014 · Classification of these welding materials follows that of the SFA-5.4 stainless steel electrodes. The main difference is that the designation begins with the letters ER to denote solid wire or rods. SFA-5.9 also allows filler metals to have more than one classification, provided all the requirements are met for those classifications.

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12.7mm Fillet 12in Fillet Other FILLER METALS (QW-404) Spec. No. (SFA) AWS No. (Class) /Trade Name F-No. A-No. Size of Filler Metals Weld Metal Thickness Range Groove Fillet Electrode-Flux (Class) Flux Trade Name Consumable Inserts Other SMAW SMAW 5.1 5.5 E6010 E7010-P1 3 3 1 1 3.2 mm 4mm WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION Rev. WPS No POSITIONS Welding table - SlideShareOct 12, 2014 · Welding table. 1. WPS & PQR Check List 1 PARAGRAPH SMAW SAW GMAW/ FCAW GTAW QW-402 JOINTS .1 in groove design N N N N .4 - of backing in single sided weld N N N N .5 + of backing and chemical composition N .10 in root spacing N N N N .11 ± nonfusing retainers N N N N QW-403 Base Metal .5 in group number QW-422 S S S S .6 T Limits QW 40412 A change in the filler metal classification QW-404.12 A change in the filler metal classification within an SFA specification, or for a filler metal not covered by an SFA specification or a filler metal with a G suffix within an SFA specification, a change in the trade designa-tion of the filler metal. When a filler metal conforms to a filler metal classifica-tion, within an SFA specification, except for the G suffix classification, requalification is not required if a