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Translate this page ASTM D1696-1995(2000) Translate this pageASTM D1696-1995(2000),1.1 This test method is intended for application to dissolving-type cellulose pulps prepared from cotton or wood. The procedure is not directly applicable to unrefined pulps for use in chemical conversion processes because solubility equilibrium may not be attained within the specified extraction time. 1.2 This standard may involve hazardous materials, operations, and

ASTM D3971-1989(2010)

Translate this pageASTM D3971-1989(2010),Dichloromethane-soluble materials are typically referred to as extractives. These extractives are comprised of organic materials that originated in the wood or cotton. The measure is an indication of the efficiency of removal of these substances during pulping and bleaching. The extractive level is of concern to dissolving pulp users since the presence of large amounts of ASTM E1815-2008 Translate this pageASTM E1815-2008,This test method provides a relative means for classification of film systems used for industrial radiography. The film system consists of the film and associated processing system (the type of processing and processing chemistry). Section 9 describes specific parameters used for this test method. In general, the classification for hard X-rays, as described in Section 9, can be ASTM E290 Bend Testing of Material for Ductility - InstronASTM E290, ISO 7438, and JIS Z2248 describe the requirements for bend testing for ductility of metallic materials. The bend test helps provide a visual indication of the ductility of the material. The guided bend test method requires the specimen to be loaded at its center point with a mandrel or plunger while being supported at the ends.

ASTM G110-1992(2015)

Translate this pageASTM G110-1992(2015), 4.1x00a0;This practice is especially useful for evaluating the adequacy of quenching when performed on material in the as-quenched condition. The practice may also be used to study the effect of subsequent thermal processes (for example, paint or bonding cures) or of actual precipitation treatments on the inherent type of corrosion. JIS ( ) jis jis 76 JIS/ASTM/DIN - motoyama-cp.jpastm a747 astm a352 astm a216 astm a217 astm a356 jis astm din 1.

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