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SVS SB13-Plus vs Velodyne DD12 + AVS Forum

Dec 05, 2011 · Even with Auto-EQ deactivated, the DD-15 Plus sounded a little tighter and more tuneful than the VTF-15H. With Auto-EQ activated, it wasnt even closethe DD-15 Plus sounded much smoother. But you could always EQ the Hsu, perhaps using Velodynes own $499 SMS-1, which offers Digital Drive technology much like that in the DD-15 Plus. Used Velodyne DD-12. Is it a good buy? Audioholics Home May 30, 2010 · I've come across a Velodyne DD-12. In its day this was a monster of a sub, but the design is 6-7 years old now. Owner claims it's only a year old, but it's probably older than that. Owner is asking a lot IMO ($1900) but is willing to negotiate quite a bit.

Velodyne DD-15 Powered Subwoofer for sale online

Show off some serious bass with the Velodyne DD-15 Powered Subwoofer. With 17.75 by 18-inch dimensions, this subwoofer is the perfect size for any indoor environment, as it is large enough to stand out yet can fit in almost any kind of space in the room. And because of its convenient square shape, this subwoofer can be easily stored. Velodyne DD10+ Subwoofer Review AVForumsMar 31, 2021 · Velodyne DD10+ Subwoofer Review The holy grail of subwoofers is a quart, or rather a gallon in a pint pot. That ideal encompasses the aural and tactile reality of a large, ported subwoofer, in a box that only takes up a foot square of your carpet real estate.Velodyne Digital Drive DD-12 subwoofer Review System Velodyne Digital Drive DD-12 subwoofer Review System. Review System. Sources Marantz DV-8400 SACD/DVD-Video/Audio player JVC HR-4700U S-VHS VCR Bell EVu 6000 HDTV satellite receiver. Display Marantz VP-12S3 DLP projector Stewart FireHawk screen (100"16:9) Preamp-Processor Anthem AVM 30 Power Amp Bryston 9B SST