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:D&D PowerDrive 4L380 NAPA Automotive

D&D PowerDrive 4L380 NAPA Automotive Replacement Belt, 1 Number of Band, Rubber 4.4 out of 5 stars 15 ratings 's Choice highlights highly rated, well A27 or 4L290 V-Belt, A28 or 4L300 V-Belt, A29 or 4L310 V A36 or 4L380 V-Belt . A36 or 4L380 V-Belt (same item just different item number) Flex-Bonded Cords Superior Length Stability Oil and Heat Resistant Polyester Tensile Members Static Dissipating Neoprene Flex-Weave Cover. 1/2" X 38" V-Belt


Jason A36 MULTI (4L380) Jason Industrial:$5.71 Carlisle AP36 Su Blu Rib Belt:Carlisle PT:$7.96 Bando A36KC ULTRAPOWER AG BELT TOP WIDTH:1/2 INCH V-DEPTH:5/16 INCH:Bando:$9.30 MasterDrive A36:MasterDrive:$4.75 Bestorq A36or4L380 Classical - FHP Combination V-BELT:Bestorq:$4.77 Industrial Exhaust Fan Cover Madison Art Center DesignBroan replacement grill new price a36 4l380 vbelt x industrial exhaust ventilation needs exhaust fan two main products and are ventilation fan metal blades outer cover inch flying insect bug screen camper heater vents pack stainless steel is images related to maintain high airflow over longer duct runs. PIX, A36/4L380, V-Belt 1/2 X 38 B1975771 PIX, A36/4L380, V-Belt 1/2 X 38 PIX-X'set®-XS are the first V-belts to enter the power transmission scenario. The continued efforts of our R&D has enabled us to achieve power ratings considerably higher than most of the belts with the same construction available in the market.

V-BELT 4L-380 (S1-A36)

38" x 37" x 1/2" Light Duty Plain V-Belt4L380 V-Belt / A36Used for light-duty applications, such as those that transmit less than 1 hp. This belt is oil- and heat-resistant, and static-conductive. These Fractional HorsePower belts conform to RMA standard IP 20. Inside length plus 2 inches equals outside length. Item:A36 Top Width:1/2 in Thickness:11/32 in Inside Length:36 in Approx. Weight:0.20 lbs